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restoration of exterior/painting Spring 2007

As part of the ongoing maintenance of the home, the family decided to have the exterior repaired and painted spring 2007, in keeping with the Secretary of the Interior Standards and with the consent and assistance of Pasadena Heritage. The following pictures show details of how the work was completed. Please note the intricacy involved in scraping, priming, peeling and painting. (Note: when clicking on the images a MUCH larger version comes up for close-up viewing - be patient)

  Existing doors and windows were in sore need of replacement and/or repair

The exterior panels of the walls needed some attention, especially on the east side of the house.
Rafter tails had seen a great deal of sun, heat and moisture over 80 years

Scraping was done meticulously, sometimes painfully slowly, to ensure that the gentlest means possible was adhered to throughout the process.

In some cases wood had to be removed and/or recreated to maintain the structure's integrity.
New wood was hand-crafted and milled to exacting specifications and reinstalled in various places on the facade.

Following the wood removal, scraping and repair priming began the first week of March. The east facade was the first to be readied, as the bulk of the damage from heat, sun and moisture had occurred there.

The first coats of paint finally began to show on the east and south facing facades in the 3rd week of March. Note the very close match to the original green from first floor (new) to second floor (original)